Watch As 1 Tanning Lover Gets Sun Damage on Her Décolletage Zapped Away

If you’re over the age of 30, you’ve likely committed your share of “skin sins.” You know what we mean: the often inadvertent, but always destructive behaviors you committed against your complexion in your youth. For many, it’s relentless pimple picking, while others opted never to wash their faces. The most egregious of all skin sins, however, is the calculated abandonment of sunscreen.

One such skincare sinner is Heidemarie, the subject of this edition of TreatMEnt of the Week. The native Jersey girl spent her teenage summers on the beach, carefully honing her tan. These days, however, she regrets all her time spent soaking up those rays, because of how the sun damage played out on her chest. She’s been left with a mélange of hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles. “This is something I’ve been insecure about for so long,” she admits. Happily, due to advancements in medical aesthetics, she doesn’t have to live with this physical reminder of wanton sun worshipping forever. Watch as Julie Russak, MD, FAAD, a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist, gives Heidemarie’s décolletage a one-two punch: a resurfacing fractional laser and microneedling PRP. 

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Heidemarie Schnell is an Allergan
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Complimentary treatment was provided for the purpose of writing this article.