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8 Beauty Tips From Makeup Artists on How to Look Gorgeous on Zoom Calls

Beauty tips to Look Gorgeous on Zoom Calls

For many, there’s been no shortage of video calls over these last few weeks — whether it’s to attend a work meeting from home, dial in for a happy hour with friends, or celebrate a loved one’s birthday. Although we’re immensely grateful for the wonders of technology, these hours spent video-chatting has left us thoroughly conscious of how we look through the lens of low-quality webcams and smartphones. In fact, it’s almost alarming: the camera on a laptop doesn’t do our face any favors — and we’re hyper-aware of how easily a double chin can appear with the slight wrong tilt of the computer screen. We called upon two celebrity makeup artists for their best tips and tricks for looking great on video conference calls. Spoiler alert: all it takes is a few key products, techniques, and the right lighting.