9 Beauty Publicists Dish On Everything They Put On and Get Injected In Their Faces

Much like beauty editors, beauty public relations professionals spend their days researching, writing, and pitching — and personally dabbling in — all kinds of products and treatments. That means everything from at-home hair masks to in-office lasers. As a result, the job often entails being up-to-date on the newest formulations and breakthroughs, and the latest industry trends (not to mention organizing events for product launches and the like).

For the sake of credibility, it makes sense that when publicists preach the benefits and results of a treatment or product, they’ve already tried it and vouch for it. And, beyond their deskjobs, the majority of beauty publicists are personally interested in learning, testing, and experiencing a multitude of devices, regimens, and applications to reach their own beauty, aesthetic, and wellness goals.

Because they’re experts in their own right, we asked nine beauty publicists about their skincare routines, what’s in their makeup bags, and their injectable routines. Here’s what they had to say about their favorite products and treatments, secrets to success, and so much more.

Blue Sky Communications Managing Director Andrea Mennella


Andrea Mennella


Clients: Renée Rouleau®, Physicians Formula®, Grande Cosmetics®, Phyto-CTM, Julep®, Laura Geller®, BABOR®, and Nunzio Saviano®

Mennella started her career in food PR, as a receptionist. Ironically, she later stopped eating specific foods for the sake of her skin. After stints at beauty agencies Lippe Taylorsm and Behrman Communicationssm, she joined a former colleague and friend at Blue Sky Communications. Eighteen years (weathering “through the economic crisis” and many iconic brands) later, Mennella, who’s also a mom, says she’ll never give up her sense of humor working in this “incredible, crazy industry” (in fact, it’s one of her secrets to success). “It’s been an awesome ride that’s been a blur of events, travel, and rewarding accomplishments,” she said.

Makeup bag must-haves:

Her aesthetic routine: “Dr. Meghan O’Brien at Tribeca Park Dermatology℠ is my [dermatologist]. I see her for all my needs: yearly skin checks, as well as injectable wrinkle reducers and filler. I also get Clear + Brilliant® laser every fall to get my skin back into its best, most even-toned shape.”

EDITOR’S NOTE  As always, talk to your doctor before starting any new treatment.

Her thoughts on injectables: “I usually get injectable wrinkle reducers three to four times a year, and filler once a year.”

EDITOR’S NOTE  Injectable wrinkle reducers temporarily smooth the look of moderate to severe wrinkles in certain areas of the face, including the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet; they should not be used more frequently than every three months. Injectable filler is a temporary treatment that adds volume to areas of the face such as the lips, cheeks, and laugh lines. Like any medical treatment, both injectable wrinkle reducers and injectable fillers have potential risks and side effects. 

Other treatments she gets: “I go to Sundays Studio℠ in NoMad for weekly manicures. I love that the environment is wellness-focused and the polishes are non-toxic.” 

Hair: “Every few months, I go to Nunzio Saviano Salon for his Oxilogica® scalp and hair treatment. It keeps my hair healthy and shiny by detoxing and nourishing it with botanical ingredients. [My diet is] plant-based, so I love when I find beauty products that are natural and pure, too.” 

Her anti-aging philosophy: “Right now, I’m very concerned with pigmentation and dark spots on my skin. To me, even-toned skin is youthful-looking skin, so I’m on a quest to protect, prevent, and repair any oxidative, environmentally-induced damage I have. Health, fitness, and a diet rich in superfoods is very connected to my anti-aging philosophy. I feel better, stronger, and younger when all these elements are on track and I’m super consistent.”

Her wellness tip: “I stopped eating meat and dairy — barring the occasional cheese plate indiscretion! — four years ago, and I’ve never felt better. My skin is clearer, I have loads of energy, and I’m much more conscious about what I put in my body and where it comes from. I’ve dabbled on and off [with vegetarianism] since college. [Then I met] a former co-worker who was vegetarian, and I thought, ‘If she can do it, so can I!’”

Andrea Mennella | Spotlyte


The best beauty advice she’s received: “‘Only wash your hair one time instead of two times.’ My hair is thick and chemically treated. There’s really no reason to wash it twice if you are doing a thorough job and use a great product. I’m currently hooked on Nunzio Saviano Argan Oil Shampoo. I find this regimen keeps my hair healthy, protected, and my color vibrant and true. My hair is my signature thing, so it’s important to me that it always looks healthy and shiny. 

Renée Rouleau always says to exfoliate and mask [your face] back-to-back at least one time a week — like a mini facial treatment at home — and it’s great advice. I use her Triple Berry Smoothing Peel and Rapid Response Detox Masque.” 

Her beauty advice: “Indulge in the products you like and always find time for self-care. Splurge on the fragrance if it makes you feel more confident. Get the massage to destress, and the highlights to perk up your complexion. Life is short, so live it looking your best!”

The secret to her success: “Dedication and a sense of humor. I find that a good sense of humor goes a long way in breaking down barriers and creating a more personal connection with people. Don’t take it so seriously — what we do is so fun. I literally have the best job in the world!”

Liza Suloti Partner at SHADOW


Liza Suloti


Clients: Moroccanoil®, La Mer®, ColourPop®, Fourth Ray® Beauty, Sol BodyTM, e.l.f.® Cosmetics, Baby Bum®, Bravo Sierra®, Scünci®, Conair®, Bambini FurtunaTM, and Furtuna SkinTM

You may recognize Suloti from TV stints as an on-air expert, but the mom of two boys (Thomas, 4, and Nikolas, 15 months) isn’t just on camera. Suloti started her career at Susan Blond, Inc.TM, where she worked for five years and left as Associate Vice President. While she was there, she met Brad Zeifman, one of her three business partners at SHADOW, where she currently oversees the firm’s beauty division, in addition to business development. If you’re 1:1 with a journalist, she’s someone you want on your side. In her role, Soluti continues to media train clients (ahem, teach them how to speak in interviews). Between DIY manis and blowouts from a specific chain, Suloti says a few specific people help her make “magic” happen.

Makeup bag must-haves:

  • Concealer: “I use the e.l.f. Cosmetics 16-hour Camo ConcealerTM for undereyes, blemishes, and sometimes the entire feature focus area. It doesn’t move and has a powder finish, so my undereyes never, ever crease. It’s shockingly affordable for the quality, so you can stock up on shades to conceal and contour.”
  • Lips: “Charlotte Tilbury® Lip Cheat® Lip Liner in Pillow Talk® is worth the hype. It’s like the LBD of your lip wardrobe. I pair it with so many of my go-to lip products to add polish to my lip shape and keep color on through back-to-back calls and meetings. [For lipstick,] ColourPop Crème Lux Lipstick in Still CrazyTM is my go-to pink mauve that’s creamy and divine. And, every time I see the name ‘Still Crazy,’ I laugh inside at how much they get me.”


  • Hair treatment: “I trust Moroccanoil with all things hair. I use the original cult favorite product, Moroccanoil Treatment, as the foundation for all styling. I’m convinced it’s what keeps my hair shiny, healthy, and thriving, despite all I ask my hair to do for me daily. I also love it to finish my look, touching up my ends and taming any flyaways with just one pump.”
  • Root camouflage: “Ever since having kids, my hair grows so incredibly fast that I can barely keep up. With my packed schedule, it’s challenging to carve out a few hours every four weeks to look after my roots. To buy myself a good two to three weeks in between [color] appointments, I camouflage my roots with the Oribe® Root Touch-Up Spray. It softens the roots and demarcation from growth, as well as hides any greys.”

Her dermatologist: “Dr. Meghan O’Brien [at] Tribeca Park Dermatology. I most recently have gone to her with skin allergy issues and post-baby vein concerns.”

Her thoughts on injectables: “I don’t get injectables!”

Other treatments she gets: “I go to DreamDry® for weekly blowouts and conditioning treatments. I see Tiffanie Richards at Nunzio Saviano every five to six weeks for color and highlights. She’s been my colorist for eight years! I go to Louise O’Connor of Louise O’Connor Salon℠ every 12 weeks for cuts. She’s been my stylist for 12 years!

Massages are a gift from God. Some of the best experiences I’ve had were at Mandarin Oriental® La Prairie® in New York and Carillon® in Miami. For manis and pedis, I’m partial to spots near my apartment like Tenoverten®, but I’m also known to do a DIY mani at 6 a.m. before my kids wake up. I purchased all the professional tools and have a collection of polishes I adore from Essie®, Dior®, and Chanel®. In a bind, I’m my own nail salon.”

Her anti-aging philosophy: “Be kind to yourself. Worship your skin and prioritize your skincare routine. Listen to what your body needs if you expect it to keep showing up for you every day.”

Liza Suloti fron SHADOW | Spotlyte


Her wellness tip: “A few months ago, when I stopped breastfeeding my second son, I noticed I wasn’t dropping the last of the baby weight as quickly as I did with my first son, and, if anything, I felt particularly swollen. I knew something was off. My doctor suspected [it was] gluten and dairy. I was determined to remove [them], along with sugar, from my diet for 21 days to see if it made a difference. 

It only took about a week for me to see and feel a big difference. By day 21, I was committed to this approach to food as a lifestyle. I’ve become increasingly aware of processed foods, sugar, and foods that cause inflammation. This all goes back to my anti-aging philosophy of listening to your body. It’s been transformative for me.” 

The best beauty advice she’s received: “From an early age, my mother instilled in me to prioritize my skincare, hair, and brows. She led by example. She was a power executive during the week, and was face-masking and manicuring during the weekends. At the time, she didn’t even realize that she was teaching me about self-care, and that balancing a career with beauty practices makes you feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer anything.”

Her beauty advice: “Don’t be so hard on yourself. Beauty products and services shouldn’t be a solution for a problem, but rather a tool to build confidence. Own your beauty, care for your beauty, be proud of what’s uniquely you.” 

The secret to her success: “The one and only key to my success is the support and love from those around me, at work and in life. My husband Liri, and sons, Thomas and Nikolas, are the greatest motivation in this world to kick ass everyday. My mom is a support system like no other. My partners Brad, Lisette, and Michelle are my dearest friends, and what we have all built together at SHADOW is nothing short of magic.” 

Marie-Laure Fournier-Uder of  Fournier PR + Consulting | Spotlyte


Marie-Laure Fournier-Uder


Clients: Leonor Greyl®, Talika®, juara®, Emma Hardie®, Dara Liotta, MD, Krigler®, Embryolisse®, Lashify®, BellefontaineTM, Pause Well-AgingTM, and Matt Nejad, MD

Twenty years ago, Marie-Laure Fournier-Uder left her job as an assistant at CMB PRsm to go out on her own and start an agency — so, it’s a big year for this founder. The French publicist is fond of her native country’s products and the beauty rituals she learned there. Her plastic surgeon is who Fournier-Uder trusts with her nose and injectables.

Makeup bag must-haves:

  • Fragrance: “Krigler Lovely PatchouliTM was Jackie O’s favorite fragrance. This scent is a signature of elegance. I live on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and it really reminds me of the perfect sophistication of the Upper East Side woman. People are usually stopping me to know the name of this perfume.”
  • Hair: “I actually have a Leonor Greyl Natural Boar Bristle brush in every room of my apartment, and in every bag I am using at the moment. It is the smoothest, most gentle brush for long hair. It detangles without being too harsh and makes my hair super shiny after brushing.”
  • Lashes: “Lashify Control Kit makes my life easier. If I do not want to wear makeup, I just apply the A12 and A14 Gossamers and they instantly open up my eyes and make me feel like Brigitte Bardot.”
  • Skincare: “As a French daughter, my mother and my grandmother always told me to never use water on my face. I always cleanse my skin with CollosolTM.”

Her aesthetic routine and thoughts on injectables: “I see Dr. Dara Liotta for injections in my crow’s feet every four months. The next thing I am doing is submental lipo on my neck, and we are preparing for sinus surgery, too.”

Other treatments she gets: “All of my hair treatments, including eyebrow shaping, are done at L’appartment℠. I love Isabelle Bellis® facials, but I usually get my facials in Geneva at Maison de Beauté® BellefontaineLaure Seguin comes to my place for lymphatic drainage and French reflexology.”

Her anti-aging philosophy: “Clean, prevent, and hydrate. I am a creamy serum kind of girl during the summer, and [use] rich creams during the winter, but I also have different creams and serums depending on where I am in the world, how tired I am, and how many flights I’ve taken. I am not necessarily someone who needs to have natural skincare. I believe that sometimes synthetic molecules can be more efficient than natural ones, and after 40, I want results. I do always look for toxin-free skincare and trust products from Europe, since the regulations there are much stricter than the ones in the States. I really pay attention to skincare companies that give back, practice fair trade, and are environmentally-conscious.”

Her wellness tip: “Breathe with your stomach. One day when I was on a trip in Bali, I fell. I went to see a very well-known local healer who not only helped with my injury, but showed me how to relax with breathing techniques. Another tip is from my mother: sleep in a cold room for better sleep.”

Marie-Laure Fournier-Uder | Spotlyte


The best beauty advice she’s received: “It came from my family. ‘Do not use sink water on your face. Always use a lotion or milk or [filtered] water on cotton to clean your skin.’ Also, when I was in St. Tropez on vacation, the biggest French book publisher told me she never wears night cream in order to let her skin breathe. She honestly looked 20 years younger than she was. I have only been using face oil at night ever since.”

Her beauty advice: “Use a mask at least once a week. It does not have to be the same mask, or for the same skin concerns. A mask will give your skin the boost of ingredients it needs. Also, when you come home, put your legs up — really up. It will help with blood circulation.”

The secret to her success: “Nonstop work. But, I’m always planning my next vacation — at least in my head. I need to dream! You cannot just live to work, you need to work to live. The moment I land back in New York, I start thinking about where to go on my next vacation. I usually try to go places where I will be able to discover some new things — and, of course, new clients! I also think the secret is to love what you do, and I love my job and the people that it has allowed me to become friends with.”

La Prairie Brand Communications Current D’Ignazio


Current D’Ignazio


D’Ignazio started her career interning for a small hospitality PR agency. After transitioning to Tractenberg and Co.TM, where she focused on beauty clients, D’Ignazio found what she describes as her “dream job” at La Prairie, where she’s been for five and a half years. These days, she’s a big fan of staying hydrated, whether she’s on an airplane or consuming H₂O in order to fulfill her anti-aging philosophy. To date, the best beauty advice she’s ever received came from her grandma (and, luckily, the suggestion is free).

Makeup bag must-haves:

  • Foundation: “La Prairie Skin Caviar® Concealer Foundation in Warm LinenTM — it makes your skin look flawless and slightly dewy. I usually apply it with my fingers, but right now, I’m using La Prairie’s new foundation brush in a stippling motion. It goes on much more evenly.”
  • Bronzer: Benefit® Hoola® Matte Bronzer is the OG bronzer I’ve been using since high school and I plan to never stop. It’s matte and very natural-looking on the skin.”
  • Mascara: “I’m a crazy person about mascara. Ask all of my friends. I will wait until the very last second to apply it, so it’s super fresh for wherever I’m going. Black Noir, not waterproof — I swear by the Chanel Inimitable Mascara.”
  • Skincare: La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence in Lotion is the first step in my skincare routine. I’m very fortunate I get to drench my skin in Caviar WaterTM every morning.”

Her aesthetic routine: “I see [Dr. Marnie B. Nussbaum] for Clear + Brilliant® and HydraFacials®. I also see Dr. Rachel Nazarian for Laser GenesisTM and IPL. I try to get one of these treatments every four months and pay for it with my flex spending [account], so it feels like a total steal!” 

PR Manager in NYC Current D’Ignazio | Spotlyte


The treatments she gets: “If I’m lucky, I get to visit the La Prairie Spa at The Ritz-Carlton® Central Park South. The Timeless Beautysm facial and Signaturesm facial are my favorite treatments.” 

Her anti-aging philosophy: “Make time for yourself. Take the time to add in an extra skincare step, wake up for the morning [workout] class, remember to breathe, and drink water.”

Her wellness tip: “Drink plenty of water — while traveling, in dry airplane cabins, in over-air-conditioned hotel rooms, at events, at the office. It keeps skin fresh and toxins out!  My favorites are SmartWater® and LIFEWTR®.” 

The best beauty advice she’s received: “Smile. A smile will always make you look younger, my grandmother would say. It’s the power of your smile that makes you look and feel better.”

Her beauty advice: “Find a skincare regimen that you love. Make it a ritual every day and every night. We live in a hectic time, and everyone is busy and moving a million miles an hour. Make time for self-care — in any form — and this will add to your beauty. A great derm is also key! I also think a good blowout can instantly change your mood and make you feel beautiful. DreamDry is my go-to blowout bar — I have a weekly standing appointment.”

The secret to her success: “My grandmother once told me, ‘Always behave like a swan: keep calm and cool on the surface, but paddle like hell underneath.’”


Rashidah Timothy


Clients: Hair Club®, Aquaphor® Healing Ointment, Nivea®, Eucerin®, and Estee Lauder® Pink Ribbon Products

Before her time at MBooth (where she’s been for nearly a decade), Timothy started her career in the communications department at the American Red Cross® in Greater New York. Currently, she works on media strategy and outreach. When she’s not in the office, she’s spending time with her three and a half-year-old. But make no mistake, she needs her “me time” too. This mom values one thing you can’t buy over any store product when it comes to wellness. But, she also buys a very specific cosmetic in large quantities — just in case.

Makeup bag must-haves:

  • Lipstick: MAC® Girl About TownTM Lipstick is my signature — almost like a trademark. It’s empowering and makes me feel like a seasoned professional.”
  • Skincare: “Have you ever heard the quote, ‘Black don’t crack?’ That statement has proven to be true to me, because I was taught the importance of protecting your skin by moisturizing early on. I also prefer a moisturizer/SPF combo [like the] Aveeno® Positively Radiant® Sheer Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 to eliminate a step. It also guarantees that I apply an SPF year-round and not just in the summer.
  • La Mer Moisturizing Cream is an investment for sure, but a little goes a long way, and I love the way my skin feels after I apply.
  • Bath and Body Works® Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel — I live in New York City, I take the subway, and shake a lot of hands, so this is a must-have for combating germs and preventing colds and the flu.”

Her aesthetic routine: “I go to Aglow Dermatology℠ in New York City for chemical peels and facials. I don’t wear foundation unless I’m going to a wedding or a really special occasion — it’s so important to have great skin. I don’t get facials as often as I’d like, but I usually do it once a quarter. I alternate between salicylic acid and VI Peel® twice a year, depending on my budget.”

Her thoughts on injectables: “I haven’t tried them yet! I’d be willing to try, but don’t feel like I need them.”

Other treatments she gets: “For nails, I now go to BLVD℠ in Neiman Marcus® at Hudson Yards®. They really honor appointments and have a DreamDry and brow studio inside. So, technically, you can get a manicure/pedicure, blowout, and brow shaping all in one place. That’s a dream for this busy mom.

I love Mario, my manicurist. I followed him there after Valley Nails℠ abruptly closed its doors in New York City. He’s the best for nail art and gel manicures. I’m totally having a nail art moment.”

Rashidah Timothy | Spotlyte


Her anti-aging philosophy: “Drink a lot of water, and then drink some more.”

Her wellness tip: “Peace and quiet is more valuable than anything you can put on or in your body. Try living with a three-and-a-half-year-old.”

The best beauty advice she’s received: “Try a natural remedy before any chemical. This came from my 98-year-old great-grandmother who used castor oil and olive oil to moisturize her body.”

Her beauty advice: “If you find the perfect red lipstick, buy it in bulk. There’s power to a woman wearing red lipstick. Not only is it glamorous, but it makes you feel bold, confident, and daring.”

The secret to her success: “I credit my success to my relationships. Keep showing up. Be diligent like a leader. Always inspire others. Don’t give up. And build a unique personal board of directors who will advocate for you when you are not in the room.”

Ruben Dario The Bonita Project | Spotlyte


Danielle Alvarez


Clients: Alamar CosmeticsTM, Botanika BeautyTM, Clinique®, Golden Dream BeautyTM, KinkoTM, and @_thehairsaint_

Before going out on her own, Alvarez spent seven years at Alison Brod Marketing Communicationssm, climbing the ranks from Account Coordinator to Account Supervisor, working on PR, multicultural marketing, and influencer marketing. Her work has taken her everywhere from Miami to the Latin GRAMMY Awards®. When she isn’t working, Alvarez enjoys hiking and traveling to Florida for her favorite facial. While she used to have a blowout ritual, this publicist has embraced her curls for a very personal reason.

Makeup bag must-haves: 

  • Concealer: “The IT Cosmetics® Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination® Anti-Aging Concealer instantly refreshes my face and hides my dark circles, while leaving me with a dewy and iridescent highlight. When I am in a rush to a coffee date, I use this and [some] blush — and I am set!”
  • Eyeliner: “I sometimes feel naked without black winged liner; I carry the Clinique Pretty Easy® Liquid Eyelining Pen in my makeup bag to quickly dab on. It’s smudge-proof and easy to use for beginners!”
  • Lips: “If I want to feel playful, I outline my lips first with a nude lip liner and then apply the Alamar Cosmetics DesNUDEasTM Lip Gloss in CoquetaTM. I love a natural nude lip, and recently started using gloss again (over matte) because of this shade! It leaves my lips super juicy and pouty, and is a natural nude tone.”
  • Skincare: “I use the Dr. Maribel Pedrozo® Elixir Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum both day and night. I like the oily texture because it feels hydrating and soothing. It’s also helped with clearing up some blemishes that I have on my cheeks”
  • Hair: “I dislike using hair products that stiffen my curls. I love the Botanika Beauty The Enhancer MousseTM. It leaves my curls springy, yet soft!”

Her skincare routine: “I have a go-to esthetician who I try to visit every time I can make my way to Miami to get facials! Her name is Maribel Pedrozo. I started visiting her spa back in 2015, and she’s been so helpful with giving me a proper skincare routine. 

I normally get routine facials, sometimes [with] extractions. The treatments have definitely worked with my skin type, which is a combination of oily/dry.”

Manicures: “I love to get my manis at Chillhouse® and support my girl crush Cyndi Ramirez. I love what she’s created – and the mani art there is to die for! I love how clean and simple the nail art is. I don’t do gel or tips or elaborate designs, and I usually pick soft/peachy/nude tones.”

Her anti-aging philosophy: “Stress less, live life, and travel the world if you need to. I think that stressing over work and/or relationships can [negatively] affect our skin and how we age.

To de-stress, I turn off my phone and literally stay in bed watching Netflix®. Sometimes, I mute my phone and computer for a whole weekend to just sit and watch either a full TV series or a movie. If I am feeling inspired to try something new, I will cook.”

Her wellness tip: “Earlier this year, I went on a hiking/writing retreat with @recla.ma, and it was liberating. I’ve now added hiking as a weekend sport of mine, where I can disconnect from work, connect with nature, and come back home inspired.”

Ruben Dario


The best beauty advice she’s received: ‘Ser alegre,’ which translates to ‘be happy’ in Spanish. My godmother used to say this to me all the time. ‘¿De que vale una cara bonita si vas estar renegona?’ (‘Why have a pretty, dolled-up face if you’re going to be grumpy and mean?’) It’s so true. It’s so important to be happy, find joy in what you do in life, and not to stress the little things. It’s crazy, but when you’re happy, you get an inner glow.”

Her beauty advice: “In the age of social media, women are so fixated on ‘perfection.’ That ‘perfect’ image is what we see on Instagram® from models that tend to FaceTune® their pictures. It’s not real. There’s nothing more beautiful than real beauty. Don’t try to look like others — look like you.

When I was younger, I was very self-conscious about my curly hair, and I used to blow-dry it weekly. I dreamt about perfect, straight hair. I met my current hair stylist, Ona Diaz-Santin at 5 Salon & Spa℠ in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and she changed my perception of my hair and encouraged me to go natural. I did. Now, I wear my curly hair natural every day, and haven’t gotten a blowout since June of 2018.”

The secret to her success: “I am still working towards achieving success. I don’t consider myself super successful yet. My start-up business has required a lot of learning. The key to achieving the success I have so far, though, is simply discipline and not giving up. It’s cliché, but so true. The only person who’s going to root for your success is you — no one else. Be your own cheerleader.”

Jill Eisenstadt-Chayet BluPRrint™ PR Founder


Jill Eisenstadt-Chayet


Clients: Kát Rudu® Pure Biotic Skincare and esthetician Kat Rudu, InstytutumTM, Philip B.® Hair Care and Philip B Scalp Studio, Raymond Douglas, MD, Guy Massry, MD, Ava Shamban, MD, Ava MD℠, Skin FiveTM, Dominique Bossavy, Saint FragrancesTM, Miriam Quevedo® Hair Care, Colorist Sharon Dorram at Sally Hershberger®, Med-Aesthetics SolutionsTM, Aesthetician Candace Marino, YA-MANTM Beauty, Mineral Air®, and Craig Ziering, MD and Ziering Medical℠

Before opening BluPRint PR in 2004, Eistenstadt-Chayet worked at Saks Fifth Avenue® and Loving and Weintraub PRsm. Then, while working for Full Picture® PR, she left New York for Los Angeles to start the firm’s LA office. Four years later, she started her own firm. Despite being a late adopter to injectables, she trusts her face to a West Coast client — after all, she credits her success to believing in the people and products she represents.

Makeup bag must-haves:

  • Makeup bag: “The Kusshi® Cosmetics Case and Organizer with Bottle Protectors has a wide flat bottom with fully opening sides that can fold out, so it stands up open and you can see everything you need. I have a snap-in interior organizer and mesh side pockets, so I can find things easily.”
  • Lips: “Nude Envie® Peaceful Lip GlossTM is the best shape and size — a rectangle tube with a super-wide [doe]foot applicator. It’s smooth, shiny, and hydrating.”
  • Concealer: “Kerstin Florian® Brightening Concealer is the creamiest around. A tiny dot goes a long way, especially when I have not been sleeping or eating my best and I feel like it is showing!”

Her aesthetic routine: “I go to Dr. Ava Shamban in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica for all of my advanced dermatology, high-tech tool treatments, and technology needs. For my complexion and resurfacing, the Salt FacialTM is my go-to treatment to get my glow on. It uses nano-particles of salt to exfoliate, and an ultrasound wand to deliver a super hydrating serum and massage, followed by LED. For collagen boosting and skin tightening, and when I need a little more power, I get microneedling with radio frequency combination. For pigmentation issues, I get Cosmelan® 2-3 times annually — it peels away discolorations, and gets down to the lower layers where the melanocytes actually create the pigment.”  

Her thoughts on injectables: “I was late to trying injectables, [but now] I see [Dr. Shamban] for regular injectable wrinkle reducer appointments — [about] three to four times a year. [I also see her for] injectable fillers, but I’ve only had filler a few times over the years.”

EDITOR’S NOTE  Injectable wrinkle reducers should not be used more frequently than every three months.

Other treatments she gets: “For regular maintenance, I get laser treatments every other month: I get Clear + Brilliant at Skin Five Los Angeles. My hair color is done by Sharon Dorram at Sally Hershberger® in New York City. I love Drybar®. I was the brand’s first publicist, one of [Drybar founder] Alli’s first clients, and a regular devotee for nearly a decade since they opened! Blowouts are on the regular menu for me. I am either au natural curls or Drybar done. I just don’t have the time or patience to do my own hair anymore. I get my manis and pedis at Olive and June® in California. I have a self-care haven at Shape House℠.”

Jill Eisenstadt-Chayet President BluPRrint™ PR


Her anti-aging philosophy: “Find what works, have your ‘hero treatments and product tribe,’ and stick with it. Keep the heroes, but mix it up. Also, be willing to evolve to look your best — not necessarily different or your youngest — at any stage or age. 

Educate yourself on treatments and technology, and act or react to what your skin needs. Just because something worked or works for a time does not mean it’s always the best. Hair styles, makeup, and skincare should complement the best of us — not remain in a time warp.

Being super busy, I try to find products or protocols that are ‘4E’ multi-taskers — as efficient as they are effective, they have the ‘superpowers’ to enhance or eliminate. (Maybe it’s really ‘5E,’ since it has to be easy enough to stick to.) If consistency is key, it opens the door to evolving. The truth is, none of us are too busy for beauty. We are all too busy to waste our time on products or protocols that don’t work. Being results-driven is key.” 

Her wellness tip: “When you approach wellness with a combination of acts, efforts, awareness, and conscious choices towards positive change, you will win at wellness. It is a mental game-changer. When I saw wellness as an end goal, I felt like I always fell short or that I failed myself.”

The best beauty advice she’s received: “It was from a nurse, Jamie: ‘It is easier to maintain what you have then to reclaim what you have lost, so take the best care of what you have at every age.’ It puts into perspective that we need to spend more time being proactive, preventative, and thoughtful about aging and skincare. It’s more about doing right by your skin to look and feel your best, not always trying to fix what is ‘wrong.’”

Her beauty advice: “Start early and be consistent! This generation has access to all of the best information, raw ingredients, delivery systems, treatments, and technologies. Genetics do not have to define your aging alone, so dive in! Don’t be afraid to invest in your skin, and don’t be intimidated. Take the time to ask, listen, research, and learn, and set an individual program of best practices with someone you trust early on.”  

The secret to her success:
 “I really believe in the power and potential of the people, products, treatments, and technologies I am fortunate enough to work with, partner with, and promote. I only represent [the people and things] I believe in wholeheartedly. I’m an avid target consumer in the market I serve. Keeping current by attending conferences, symposiums, listening to doctors and founders, and doing research — as well as trying treatments — helps me talk the talk and walk the walk with a high level of confidence and credibility.”

Celine Kaplan of  Celine Kaplan PR


Celine Kaplan


Clients: Darphin®, Haute Victoire®, Clinique La Prairie®, Veronique GabaiTM, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche® Paris, Christophe Robin®, Maison Francis KurkdjianTM, and Ladurée®

Kaplain initially came to New York in the ‘90s to be an art dealer. She started her company after working on special projects in corporate communications for Air France®, and doing public relations for The Chanel® Company Limited’s Bourjois® and Eres®. While traveling the globe, she’s experienced a variety of skincare treatments and learned a few beauty pointers from VIPs, like Clinique La Prairie’s CEO.

Makeup bag must-haves:

Her aesthetic routine: “In New York, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Steven Levine, but I usually travel to Montreux in Switzerland for all dermatologic issues and check-ups, as I go there quite often.”

Her thoughts on injectables: “Zero! Not one! Terrified of needles! Even with my visible love for jewelry, I do not have pierced ears.”

Other treatments she gets: “In Switzerland, at Clinique La Prairie, I get a special oxygen, deep cleaning, vitamin boost facial with deep hydration every four months or so. I also get their signature massage. It is a piece of heaven, where you are in and out of a dreamy/sleepy stage. I wish I got it more often. It is pure bliss. They have a peel there that I get as well. (Read about the detox tricks our editorial director discovered at Clinique La Prairie.

For manis and pedis, I go once a week to the new Sundays Studio℠ by Hudson Yards for their eco-friendly products, great colors, and convenient location.

When in Paris, I go to L’Institute Darphin℠ for a deep cleaning and massage. I usually go to Le Bon Marché KURE Bazaar℠ for a quick mani — it’s efficient, which is so hard to find in Paris.”

Celine Kaplan | Spotlyte


Her anti-aging philosophy: “It is all in your mind. Mens sana in corpore sano: a healthy mind is a healthy body turns out to be true. [Also], my eyesight is not as good, so I can’t focus on the imperfections of aging — that’s the beauty of it all! I also admit that living in New York taught me the power of a good workout. I train as much as possible at Mendez Boxing®. It is super rough and efficient!”

Her wellness tip: “Your health is your wealth, and you are what you eat. I learned that from Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie. I aim to be plant-based more and more, one day at a time. My main philosophy is to cook as much as possible, not order in, and eat organic produce. I enjoy cooking, and I also love to entertain. It’s about progress, not perfection. I sometimes crave a burger. I love macarons.”

The best beauty advice she’s received: “My grandmother taught me to look effortless, but put the effort in. Why is it so important? I think it is very French not to be too made-up — it’s part of the allure. It is the ‘I woke up like this’ look, yet we all know it takes daily maintenance and loads of work, including hair, perfume that leaves the proper sillage, exercise, and a skincare routine.”

Her beauty advice: “Take care of your skin — it is your biggest organ. And be yourself. Adapt trends to your own personality with makeup, fashion, and accessories. Be playful, yet chic. It is noteworthy because you need to experiment in order to find your true style.”

The secret to her success: “Success is measured by your happiness: doing what you love and working with people you admire. My way of keeping sane is by reminding myself that everything happens one day at a time and I am not a heart surgeon, it’s just PR!”

Samira Shamoon President of Shamoon Marketing Communications


Samira Shamoon


Clients: Sally Hershberger, Sally Hershberger 24K HaircareTM, Andrew Jacono, MD, the New York Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery℠, The Parlor NYC℠, Arches and Halos℠ Professional Brow, Defy and InspireTM, and Kimberly Sayer of London®

Years before going out on her own, Shamoon started her career as an intern working on the TriBeCa Film Festival® account at RubensteinTM, a Manhattan-based PR agency. She soon became a full-time employee with her responsibilities focused on red carpets, celebrities, and large event production. Afterwards, her time at MSL® (another PR agency) gave her experience with household and beauty products. With over 15 years of agency experience (and now, four years as her own boss), she can thank herself for finding her double board-certified plastic surgeon (who is also a client), and credits her ex-husband for introducing her to another medical professional (which she has no qualms smiling about).

Makeup bag must-haves:

Her aesthetic routine: “Dr. Andrew Jacono is my go-to. I’ve represented him for more than 10 years. I see him for injectable wrinkle reducers, which I recently started, and Clear + Brilliant when we both have the time.”

Her thoughts on injectables: “Thus far, I have only tried one round of injectable wrinkle reducers. I’ll embrace fillers when the time comes.”

Other treatments she gets:

“I get highlights from Will Francis at Sally Hershberger NoMad. He is exceptionally talented. I go to him for subtle golden balayage every four to six months. 

For my haircut, Sally Hershberger. She exceeds the hype, and she’s hilarious. I see Sally for whatever she feels I need every three months. 

For eyebrow waxing, I see Morgan at Benefit® Upper East Side every week. If the eyebrows are bad, the entire look is bad. 

For manicures and pedicures, Serendipity Nails℠ on 76th Street and Third Avenue once a week. It’s clean, it’s fast, and you don’t need an appointment. 

The best thing that my ex-husband gave me was his dentist. For teeth whitening, I see Dr. Mark Dinowitz and try to go in once a year.”

Her anti-aging philosophy: “Use the ‘tools’ available, but don’t go overboard. Respect the golden ratio: once things go off-course, the eye can instantly pick up on it.”

Her wellness tip: “The Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ is the real deal. Fifteen minutes in the forest — a.k.a. Central Park, since my office is in midtown Manhattan — can help me come up with a creative idea or find a solution to a problem often times faster than if I was in the office. Plus, being in nature [can] reduce stress. For an occasional pick-me-up when leaving the park, I see the hot dog vendor on the corner of 60th Street and Fifth Avenue — three stars!”

The best beauty advice she’s received: “My mother always told me that a woman shouldn’t rely on her physical beauty to take her places in life: that developing one’s personality, intellect, and career will get her where she wants to go — she was right.”

Her beauty advice: “Stay out of the sun! I’ve never enjoyed the sun. From an early age, I was unknowingly setting myself up for less UV damage, for which I’m now super thankful. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously: When I started my career at Rubenstein, my then-VP used to say, ‘It’s PR, not the ER,’ which I still try to remind myself. We often perform highly detailed work on very short deadlines, and it’s hard for it not to totally consume you. We only get one life, so I try to keep it fun.

Hydrate! I feel totally lost without a bottle of water. I can be at the fanciest event and have a giant bottle of water hanging out of my bag. I know that staying hydrated is super important for a variety of beauty and health benefits, but for me, it’s simple: if I don’t stay hydrated I get dizzy.”

The secret to her success: “I never stop to think about success, because I’m always reaching for the next win.”

Dr Ava Shamban is a paid Allergan® consultant.

Allergan® may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this article.