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How Face Masks, Spray Tans & Britney Spears All Contribute to 1 Love Story

Brian Murray& Evan Real’s Love Story & Regimens

When Evan Real, 29, met Brian Murray, 27, it was a match made in heaven . . . online. That said, it was years before dating apps gained popularity: In 2011, the two Marymount Manhattan College℠ students met via Facebook®.  

“It was when you would Facebook-friend everybody at your college — people that you didn't really know,” explains Murray, a digital associate producer at Hearst® Magazines, who is originally from Buffalo, New York.  “We never poked — poking was a thing — but we would ‘like’ each other’s statuses, and we both vividly remember making statuses knowing it was a good status if the other liked it.”

Real, who is an entertainment editor, was (fittingly) crafting clickbait-y text about pop divas, even before his pop culture career took off. “I would make Facebook statuses that were tailored to Brian’s specific interests — what I could gather from social media-stalking him,” says the Wilmington, North Carolina native. “I put together that he liked Mandy Moore, and that he liked Diet Coke®.”

Ultimately, his curious captions about cola worked. Murray messaged Real on New Year’s Eve 2011, and they had their first date on January 3, 2012 at a Mexican restaurant on the Upper East Side. “We were both wearing the same white-gray acid wash Urban Outfitters® jeans,” recalls Real. “From our hideous tastes in jeans to the way he pounded back chips and salsa, I just knew from the beginning that it was meant to be,” he quips. 

Since then, the two have moved together from New York to Los Angeles, then back to Manhattan, where they live together in an apartment, which they’ve decorated with a different early 2000s diva (more on this later!). Eight years later, the couple still bonds over their love for everything from live concerts to facemasks and The Real Housewives®. Here, they share their grooming regimens, treatments they love, and how they typically celebrate Pride every June.