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How 2 College Classmates Started the Hair Brand You’re Seeing All Over Instagram

Insert Name Here® co-founders Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn  Interview | Spotlyte

When hair brand Insert Name Here® co-founders Sharon Pak, 28, and Jordynn Wynn, 29, met at Pepperdine® University, they didn’t spark an immediate friendship. “We had a lot of the same classes together because we had the same major,” recalls Wynn, a Ten Sleep, Wyoming, native. The two were integrated marketing communication majors before they graduated in 2014. “We ended up being partners on a lot of group projects.” 

Though the two weren’t that social outside of classes, their networking would inevitably serve each other well. “During my junior and senior year, I interned at what would later be ColourPop® Cosmetics,” explains Wynn. As she helped create the concept for the brand and launch it, she was asked to recruit additional employees to get the business off the ground. “I tried to get my friends to apply and nobody would.” Instead of her go-to clique, Wynn’s mother suggested her daughter reach out to people she worked with in class.

Pak answered the call and came onboard soon after — and the two helped grow the brand for more than six years, helping with a variety of tasks including marketing and influencer initiatives. ColourPop transitioned to SEED Beauty®, the umbrella company over Kylie Cosmetics®, KKW Beauty®, SoulTM, and Fourth Ray®. However, they both felt the entrepreneurial itch — but it wasn’t until they met their third co-founder, Kevin Gould, in 2018 at BeautyCon®, that they would take the leap.

He fatefully asked, “If you guys could launch anything, what would it be?,” remembers Wynn. “We had the idea for Insert Name Here, so we shared it with him.” The idea: a collection of high-quality yet affordable hair pieces that allow the user to customize and experiment with their strands as they see fit. Just a year later, in May 2019, the Los Angeles-based trio launched their brand, which has since grown to 15 employees, and its products — which range from full wigs to clip-in ponytails — have been featured on the heads of pop stars Ariana Grande and Becky G, in addition to a variety of influencers.

Beyond hair, the co-founding duo loves other beauty products. They shared their makeup bag contents and skincare regimens with us, in addition to their best advice for anyone looking to make it in the industry.