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Why Grooming & Aesthetics Treatments Are Essential to This Miami SoulCycle Instructor

Miami SoulCycle Instructor Tomas Mikuzis-Boston Interview

If you’ve taken a SoulCycle® class in New York or Miami, it’s likely you’ve clipped into a stationary bike under the direction of Tomas Mikuzis-Boston. In 2012, the 37-year-old Chicago native was personally plucked from his gig at a chain gym, and recruited by SoulCycle founders Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler. “I taught group fitness, did personal training, and created classes for Crunch℠, and they moved me to Miami,” recalls Mikuzis-Boston. “Then I met my husband, who lived in New York. I moved up to New York with Crunch — and that's when SoulCycle found me.”

Since that fateful day, Mikuzis-Boston has tapped it back in the yellow-themed, lights-out studios for eight years. His in-person and virtual classes (more on that in a moment) involve feel-good pop music (think: hits from artists like P!nk), positive energy, and motivational nuggets that push riders to do their personal best. The wheel has continued to spin in his favor since joining the SoulCyle team: now, Mikuzis-Bostin is excitedly turning up the resistance as he teaches on-demand classes through Variis℠, Equinox’s® digital platform, which launched in March. Talent and timing may have been a factor in his pursuits, but his attitude  has certainly played a major role in his success.

“The best career advice that I've ever gotten is ‘be your true authentic self,’” said Mikuzis-Boston. “I don't act a certain way to get more followers. I don't do things to get more people into my class. I'm going to be myself — because that's going to bring the true authentic people to my class and to my [social media] pages.”

Since he first started his fitness career 15 years ago, Mikuzis-Boston has worked on multiple business projects of his own, including FitnessByTomas℠ one-on-one training, in addition to dabbling in real estate. Also, within that span of time, he and his husband became fur-parents to two toy poodles (Kaju and Eva), and Mikuzis-Boston added injectables to his regimen. Since he inspires the masses with multiple mantras (as SoulCycle instructors do), we had to know what personal statements and grooming products keep Mikuzis-Boston feeling his very best — and what a typical day entails. Keep reading to learn more about him.