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Lisa Hayim Shares the Simple Epiphany That Shifted Her Relationship with Food

 Well Necessities® blogger & Registered Dietitian Lisa Hayim

You may recognize Lisa Hayim, MS, RD, and wellness blogger from her popular Instagram® handle, @thewellnecessities. It’s where the 31-year-old native New Yorker dispels diet myths and other rubbish that her clients and followers have been taught about nutrition over their lifetimes — including popular “quick fixes” promoted on social media. “Everyone has been fed the BS that their bodies can’t be trusted,” says Hayim, who graduated from Columbia University® with a Master’s in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology. 

Before Hayim began speaking to the masses digitally, teaching hundreds of students through her own online programs, she, too, had been the recipient of misinformation. Hayim initially pursued a career in nutrition because she was looking for a way to outsmart her body. “I was drawn to this field for the wrong reasons,” she admits. But she found that becoming a registered dietitian (RD) and working with her clients has allowed her to work through her own issues. “It’s helped me guide people back to their ultimate power, which is their innate ability to listen to, honor, and respect their bodies.” Her core belief: “Everyone deserves a chance to learn how to listen to their body and develop a healthy relationship with food — and themselves.” 

In our one-on-one with Hayim, she walks us through the obstacles she overcame to become an RD, what she never eats, the beauty treatments she loves, and how she mindfully spends her downtime.