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Why 1 Entrepreneur Chose Magnetic Lashes Over Med School

Glamnetic Founder Ann McFerran

When Ann McFerran moved from Thailand to the United States as a child, she felt like she didn’t fit in. The 26-year-old Bangkok native says she was made fun of for being and looking different from everybody else. As she got older, she found a simple fix: false eyelashes. “Lashes were the one thing that made me feel less insecure about myself,” said the founder of GlamneticTM, a collection of magnetic eyeliners and lashes that launched in the summer of 2019.

The philosophy behind the brand mirrors McFerran’s personal experience with the beauty accessory: “When you apply lashes, you feel more beautiful from the inside out,” says the Los Angeles-based entrepreneur. But she found there was always one hurdle that prevented her from truly enjoying lashes — the cumbersome and challenging glue. “All other forms of makeup were really easy to apply, like eyeshadow and blush,” she recalls. After researching the lash space a bit more, McFerran went on a quest and ordered lash samples from hundreds of factories, determined to find an easier way to apply and wear falsies. She soon found the solution: magnets. A magnetic liquid liner paired with false lash strips that have magnets on the band delivered the voluptuous results McFerran had been craving.

That quest turned into a business opportunity, and now, Glamnetic is a thriving beauty brand. McFerran’s company brings in $1 million in sales a month, and boasts a team of nine employees, over 150,000 Instagram® followers, and a range of over 20 false lash styles, lash kits, and more. Might we remind you that this was all accomplished well before the entrepreneur’s 30th birthday? 

With all this success, you might assume that she is an entrepreneur by trade, but her career didn’t start in the beauty space — and neither did her research skills, nor her creative mindset. In fact, McFerran credits her talent for analysis to her UCLA® education, where she majored in psychobiology, pursuing pre-med. And, after graduating in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree, she began a successful stint as a mural painter. “I've had such a weird, unpredictable path that does not make sense, but that's the beauty of life,” shares McFerran. Read on to learn more about how this founder changed her career trajectory, what motivates her most, and the products she uses on a daily basis (besides magnetic lashes, of course).