A-Beauty (Australian Beauty) Is the Next Global Beauty Trend You’re Going to Fall in Love With

By Sara Spruch-Feiner
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Whether you’ve been to Australia or not, you’ve likely heard that the continent’s culture is famously laidback, with days spent on beaches surrounded by pristine natural landscapes. Beauty is inexplicably linked to culture, so it’s no surprise that the beauty rituals of Aussie women reflect this same down-to-earth vibe. And now, some of the buzziest new beauty brands come from Oz. This phenomenon has become prevalent enough that the trend has a name: A-Beauty.

A-Beauty is marked by its innovative formulations inspired by Australia’s bountiful natural resources. Former beauty editor and founder of Go-To® Skincare, Zoe Foster Blake, notes that “dedication to plant-based ingredients,” is one key factor that sets A-Beauty apart. “The most successful skincare brands in Australia are botanical dominant,” she explains. “[It’s] probably because we have a host of incredible, superpower native ingredients — like kakadu plum and finger lime — that we’d be idiots not to use.”

That infamous Aussie carefree attitude is also essential to A-Beauty. “The Australian beauty standard has always been about clean, natural, ‘no fuss’ skincare,” say Zoe and Kim Roebuck, the sisters behind brand Dr. Roebuck’s™. “Aussies focus on glowing from the inside out by living a very health-conscious lifestyle. Down Under, simplicity is key!”

Perhaps one of the most amazing characteristics of A-Beauty is its affordability: not a single product on our list of Australian faves is above $50. Discover some of our must-know brands and products down under (pun intended).Find Dr. RoebuckDr. Roebuck’s

This family-owned brand has an wide range of formulas that harnesses the powers of Australian botanicals — and flies off the shelves of American Sephora stores. You know that image you have in your head of Australians hanging on the beach sipping smoothies and surfing? Dr. Roebuck’s has formulas to help protect those surfers’ complexions after all that time spent in the sun. Bestseller Tassie™ Anti-Pollution Serum ($60) blends the natural wonders of Tasmania (including blueberry extract and aloe vera) into a gel. If you’re post sun-exposure, try the Tama™ Healing Mask ($28) — it’s full of skin nourishers like manuka honey, turmeric, and avocado oil. Find Go-To Skincare| SpotlyteGo-To Skincare

As a former editor, Zoe Foster Blake has tried it all in the vast world of beauty. Inspired to create skincare “minus the confusion and the bullsh*t,” she launched Go-To, a line of just-the-essential skincare formulas. It’s a characteristically Australian pared-back approach: after cleansing, use the lactic acid-infused Exfoliating Swipeys ($35), hydrate with Face Hero™ ($34), and moisturize with the aptly-named “Very Useful Face Cream” ($31). The products are made with sensitive-skin friendly ingredients, with close attention paid to sustainability. Sand and Sky | SpotlyteSand & Sky™

Even if you think you know nothing about A-Beauty, you’ve likely seen Sand & Sky’s viral mask on Instagram. Like many compatriots here, this brand embraces a no-frills philosophy powered by native, botanical ingredients. That very mask — the Porefining™ Face Mask ($49) — has been embraced by many acne-prone skincare lovers for its detoxification power. It combines the brand’s hero pink Australian clay to detox,  antioxidant rich pomegranate, witch hazel to refine, and the famous kakadu plum to brighten. A newer addition is the brand’s second-ever product, the Flash Perfection™ Exfoliating Treatment ($43). This faster mask combines physical exfoliation (via macadamia seed and bamboo) with the chemical exfoliating powers of alpha-hydroxy-acid-rich Australian finger lime. In just five minutes, you’ll reveal mattified, clearer skin. Asarai | Spotlyte


These gender-neutral, bright yellow tubes and bottles can be spotted from a mile away thanks to their bold, sunshine-y hue. Inside the bright containers are formulas created by a husband-and-wife duo and his naturopath mother, who seek to capture the best of Australia’s rich natural landscapes and harness them in their products. Try the Earth Tones™ Mask ($29): the red clay (sourced from the Outback) vacuums up impurities in the pores, while kakadu plum brightens. We’re also fond of the Response Theory™ Daily Serum ($43), which is chock-full of chondrus crispus, an antioxidant-rich algae, and skin-soothing ingredients like chamomile extract and oat beta-glucan. Find Crop Naturals | SpotlyteCrop® Naturals

This Australian skincare and cosmetics brand comes from a family with more than 80 years of experience in product development, and its products are COSMOS certified (a European certification that backs the brand’s commitment and achievement in using sustainable, cruelty-free production practices that eliminate water waste). The Bio Metal Eyeshadow ($26) is a favorite — the luxurious liquid formulas are enriched with skin-loving, nourishing ingredients like olive and avocado oils. For skincare, try the Purifying Turmeric Mask ($36), which harnesses the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory powers of the golden superfood and leaves skin soothed.Find Ere Perez | SpotlyteEre Perez™

Despite the wide selection of this line, you won’t feel confused or overwhelmed: you’ll find yourself wanting one of each pretty product (makeup and skincare made from mostly food-derived ingredients). On the skincare side, try the Quandong Green Booster ($34) — its namesake is a vitamin C-rich desert fruit, but the formula also contains raspberry seed oil and spinach leaf extract. The Arnica Concealer ($27) serves a dual purpose — the creamy pigment covers up blemishes. Find Salt by Hendrix | SpotlyteSALT by Hendrix™

As you can probably tell by now, kakadu plum is to A-Beauty as snail mucin is to K-beauty. Salt by Hendrix, a pretty line of oils and bath soaks, uses it in its simply-named Botanical Face Serum ($40). If you’re after a zen moment, try the Luxe Oil + Salt Scrub ($38). You can exfoliate, hydrate, and chill all at once as the jasmine and rose scents wash over you.Find Grown Alchemist | SpotlyteGrown Alchemist™

One of the undoubted original stars of A-Beauty is Grown Alchemist. The brand’s extensive product assortment ranges from supplements and skincare to super luxe hand soaps and more. We suggest upgrading your shower with the pearl, peppermint, and ylang ylang Purifying Body Exfoliant ($34). Alternatively, toss the candy-scented Watermelon & Vanilla Lip Balm ($23) in your bag — Gwyneth Paltrow is said to be a fan, too! Find The Beauty Chef | SpotlyteThe Beauty Chef™

In such a wellness-savvy culture, its unsurprising that Australians know the benefit of beauty from the inside out. As Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef says, “beauty begins in the belly.” The result of this belief is her probiotic-packed, glow-boosting concoctions. We’re fond of SLEEP™ Inner Beauty Powder ($60), which tastes like a turmeric latte. Simply blend it with the milk of your choice and drink: it contains nerve-calming passion-flower, sleep-promoting sour cherry, and bio-fermented turmeric (which aids healthy digestion) to help you drift off to a successful beauty sleep. For an inside-out approach to skincare, try GLOW ADVANCED™ Inner Beauty Powder ($70), which is brimming with Vitamin C (from natural ingredients like maqui berry) and of course, the signature probiotics, to boost (you guessed it) glow.


Some products were gifted to the author for the purpose of writing this article.

Allergan may receive commission for purchases made through links in this article.

Allergan may receive commission for purchases made through links in this article.

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