7 Truths That Women Wish They’d Known Before Getting Lip Filler

Rack your brain: What do you know about injectable lip filler? Is what you’ve heard based on hearsay, or real experiences and research? When listening to the former, it’s easy for a first-time patient to be intimidated by the temporary lip-plumping procedure. They might associate lip filler with overdone-looking results, or heard the treatment is incredibly painful. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Injectable filler is a temporary treatment that adds volume to areas of the face such as the lips, cheeks, and laugh lines. Like any medical treatment, it has potential risks and side effects. Be sure to talk to a licensed provider to see if they’re right for you. 

Yet, when looking into the facts about the treatment, you’ll find that those are just a few of the many misconceptions about lip filler. Lip injections can actually look quite subtle, and while it’s not all roses — there are some risks and discomfort, as the treatment does involve needles — it’s not all thorns, either. Ahead, we tapped seven real women who share what they wish they had known before getting their first lip filler treatment.

Lip Filler Truth #1: It May Not Hurt As Much As You’d Think

“I read online and heard from so many friends that it was painful, so I really braced myself to be uncomfortable when getting my first treatment. I have an average pain tolerance, but I was actually shocked at how much less it hurt than I expected. I definitely thought it would hurt more than it did — if anything, it’s more of a strange sensation. I wish I hadn’t been so fearful of the pain, because I would have gotten it done a whole lot sooner!” — Alexis H., 30, Marina del Rey, California

EDITOR’S NOTE: Individual experiences may vary.

Lip Filler Truth #2: It’s Important To Do Prior Research On Your Provider

“I did research by interrogating my friends who had gotten lip injections before. I actually didn’t do any of my own research, per se — I just went to the practitioner of my friend whose lips I liked best. I wish I’d looked around and done more of my own research, instead of just picking one based off of a friend (also, wow — writing this makes me feel like such a follower!). I liked the idea of my first lip injections, but I wasn’t wild about the shape. The second time around, I ended up doing my own research and switching practitioners, and I’m much happier with the results now. Instagram® is an amazing tool to see [providers’] work. Use it!” — Tania H., 41, West Hollywood, California

Lip Filler Truth #3: Treatment Results Can Look Very Subtle

“I am sadly one of those ‘thin lip girls’ — [they’re so thin that it looks like] I was born without an upper lip, so I knew I was going to try lip filler for quite some time. I was so nervous everyone would know, so I purposely tried it before going home to visit some high school friends who wouldn’t care. I did have loads of swelling, but when that went down, I was gobsmacked at how subtle my injections looked. I finally had an upper lip, and no one noticed. However, I did get so many compliments [on my overall appearance] after from friends. I swear, it’s the lips!” — Susie A., 30, Tarzana, California

Lip Filler Truth #4: You Need To Pay Attention To Pre- And Post-Treatment Instructions

“I’m guilty of rarely reading, listening, or following instructions. However, I really wish I had paid closer attention to my practitioner’s pre-treatment instructions before my first lip injections. I now know to stay away from [blood thinners] for at least a few days to a week prior [because they can increase bleeding at injection sites]. I bruised so much my first time, and I think it’s because I had gone on a date the night prior — yes, booze was involved.” — Ash S., 32, Encino, California

EDITOR’S NOTE: As always, talk to your doctor before starting any new medication.

Lip Filler Truth #5: Your Lips May Look And Feel Swollen After Your Appointment

“If you have never had lip injections before, know that you will [most likely] feel swollen and it [may] feel strange. I felt like people downplayed this. The first night after, I felt like a duck and cried because I thought my lips were going to stay that way. But a week later, I was golden. Just know that, yes, you will [probably] swell, and, no, it’s not permanent.” — Aubrey N., 33, Los Angeles, California

Lip Filler Truth #6: You’ll Have Better Results If You’re Clear About What You Want

“To have the most successful outcome, you need to be clear about your end goal. I think that a lot of times, women know what they want, but then they get in the chair and they fumble or listen to what the practitioner thinks is best. You should definitely listen to their opinion, but if you know what you want or what you want to achieve, be clear about it. Otherwise, there will be miscommunication and you might not be happy with the end result.” — Julie J., 31, Santa Monica, California

Lip Filler Truth #7: Be Prepared For Possible Sticker Shock

“You might already know it can get super pricey, and can range from [$600] to $1,000, depending on where you go. My lip injections end up costing me about $2,000 per year! My biggest piece of advice is to fully understand the potential cost before becoming attached to the results.” — Jesse G., 28, Los Angeles, California.