About Us

Spotlyte is a new innovative digital hub of curated, expert content helping you discover how beauty and medical aesthetic treatments may fit into your routine.

Through well-researched content, product reviews, insider profiles, and the latest in beauty, Spotlyte functions as a holistic and informative lens into these worlds. Beyond the content, what is truly unique about Spotlyte is that we offer real-time access to a team of trained specialists, on hand to provide support and chat directly with those considering medical aesthetic treatments. They can offer a wealth of curated information and point you to insightful profiles of local, licensed providers.

Spotlyte is owned and operated by Allergan. All Spotlyte staff members are Allergan employees. Spotlyte articles focus on a wide variety of beauty, skincare, and aesthetic products and treatments. Some of the products and treatments are owned by Allergan, such as SkinMedica<sup>®</sup> products and CoolSculpting<sup>®</sup> system. Many other products and treatments mentioned in articles are not.