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I Didn’t Realize I Needed a Serum For My Body Until I Tried This One

I Didn’t Realize I Needed a Serum For My Body Until I Tried This One

I have a strange relationship with oil. On one hand, it’s the first ingredient I look for when I snag a new face product. (I want my face to glow at all costs, even if it means I’ll feel greasy.) But when it comes to hydrating the rest of my body, I simply can’t stand the sensation of sticky, slick skin. As a result, I generally avoid oily body products. Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered an oil-based body product I actually enjoy applying.

It started on a cold morning in late October. Spotlyte’s Editorial Director, Lauren, waved a sleek taupe tube in front of my face. “It’s so good!” she exclaimed, pumping a dollop of smooth, glasslike formula onto the back of my hand. Upon first touch, I knew she was right. The formula imparted the same glisten as oil would, yet it left me feeling silky — not slick.

The Moroccanoil® Night Body Serum ($62), as it’s called, is different from other body oils I’ve tried — probably because it’s not technically a body oil. (In case the name didn’t give it away — it’s a serum.)  According to Lavinia Popescu, Moroccanoil’s Vice President of Global Product Development and R&D, a body serum is a more concentrated form than a body oil. Additionally, she notes that the texture is also more gel-like than an oil. (Read: not runny or messy.)

Instead of feeling slippery, my skin feels soft and supple post-use, and also looks significantly glowier. “We were able to achieve the perfect synergy of a nourishing and well-balanced formula while allowing for quick absorption,” Popescu says. Not to mention, my sheets remain clean and non-sticky; an important note since this serum is meant to be used before bed.

The hero ingredients, holy basil extract and vitamin C, “…intensely nourish skin overnight to protect it against environmental aggressors during the day,” Popescu explains. These antioxidants are suspended in an blend of argan and tsubaki oils, which further protect skin from damage and firm skin over time — all while imparting an immediate hit of suppleness.  The result: I wake up glowier, softer, and reassured that my body is ready to thwart whichever pollutants come my way for the day.

Lastly, I’d be remiss not to mention that this stuff maintains Moroccanoil’s signature scent, Fragrance Originale — which smells of warm amber with a hint of vanilla. If you haven’t given it a whiff, consider the Night Serum your chance to smell divine — and feel like silk to boot.