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Meet Inge Theron: Founder of FaceGym, The Workout For Your Face

FaceGym Founder Inge Theron

Inge Theron, 43, is a self-proclaimed “spa junkie” — and rightfully so. The London-based mom of two visited 57 spas, sweated through 32 different fitness classes, tried 25 anti-aging treatments, and experimented with more than 15 detoxes within five years while working as a columnist for The Financial Times®. It’s fair to say, she’s definitely earned her title.

Theron’s beat eventually led her to found FaceGym®, a face workout (not a facial) that lifts, sculpts, tones, and tightens the face. The trainer facilitated exercise — available at 11 studios in London, Manchester, New York City, and Los Angeles — targets 40 facial muscles using non-invasive signature muscle manipulation techniques. As a result, blood circulation, collagen production, and cell renewal are stimulated. (Not to mention, it feels fantastic, too.)

Despite Theron’s thorough, first-hand knowledge of products, classes, treatments, wellness fixes, and spa offerings, her idea for FaceGym wasn’t inspired by a conglomeration of experiences. Surprisingly, her company came out of a treatment gone awry. Read on to find out what this writer-turned-entrepreneur does when she isn’t working, all of the treatments she’s tried without regret, and what her kids have taught her about beauty.